Triple Six Dry Gin is like no other gin. We have painstakingly researched, sourced and blended a range of botanicals in our search for the perfect gin. In our bid to create the perfect taste we took inspiration from ancient apothecarists who created herbal tinctures for potions and remedies. Our team expertly blended botanicals and herbs to create and perfect a tincture that can be used in the distilling process to infuse our gin with a unique bold flavour, taste and aroma.

Passionflower, Black Walnut and Wormwood have been blended with an infusion of botanicals to create a flavour full tincture that is brought to life during the gin distilling process. The results are a complex and sophisticated dry gin that is amazing with tonic and ideal for gin based cocktails.

With Triple Six Dry Gin - The Devil is in the Details.